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Fan Profile

We are featuring a different fan every few weeks on our Fan Profile.

Name: Felicitas Oefelein and Wilson Lau

Occupation: Interior designer (Felicitas) and Commercial Real Estate Appraiser (Wilson)

Hometown: New York City. Felicitas likes to point out that she was born in Stuttgart Germany, like any good Porsche ...

How did we find out? We were personal friends of Johannes (we met him at the 2007 Rolex 24 Daytona race) and then became fans as we followed the ALMS race around in 2007

Favorite driver: Well we would have to say Johannes was our "first love"...since we are good friends, but all the other drivers have become friends over the years as well! A truly gracious group of people and an awesome team as a whole, including the crew like Thomas Blam, and of course Jennifer and Mr Lizard gear Paul Pillitteri who keeps us looking stylish.

Favorite race: Hands down Laguna Seca 09 where we were with the team to celebrate the multiple championship win! We were lucky enough to be in the pits at the end of the race and no one was able to breathe for 5 minutes. It was incredible. Felicitas was proud to carry the flag onto the grid after the race, and of course we had champagne ready for all.

Favorite Track: Laguna Seca to view, we personally like to drive Watkins Glen

When not watching... We love to drive ourselves. We are PCA members and participate in DE events in the New York area and as of last year also in Florida. Wilson owns two cup cars and Felicitas drives a Boxster and a Cayman S. We both have been lucky to have Johannes coach us at Watkins Glen last year.

We also love to travel, and this year we even went to the 1000 Miglia in Italy and sported our Lizard gear there at the Futa pass.

Our motto: Live life to the fullest as it is way to short not to have as much fun as you can. Be generous with your friends and family and make time for them. Learn well and drive better.

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Felicitas with Seth and Johannes

Wilson with Joerg and Patrick

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