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Fan Profile

We are featuring a different fan every few weeks on our Fan Profile.

Name: Mark Capristo

Occupation: Student

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA

I've been a fan of the Flying Lizard since 2005; I loved the car and quickly became a great fan of the drivers. I've met most of them on a few occasions and have watched them grow as drivers in other race series. I have attended the Road America race every year for the last five years and love watching the lizards run there.

Mark's Mini
Favorite Lizard driver of all time? Jörg Bergmeister, he's an amazing driver and a really nice man.

Most memorable Lizard race? I'd have to say the Sebring race of 2007 when Bergmeister and Melo went at it; Melo's tires went off, Jörg closed huge gap to pass the Ferrari after a run off 16; Melo slammed into Jörg; even though we'd lost the race it was a brilliant drive and a great result.

Favorite racetrack? To name a few, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Road America and of course LeMans. I'm looking forward to doing the dance when the Flying Lizard 80 wins there; I watch it every year.

When you're not racing on the track, you like to: I love to work at Road America and do every year. I would enjoy working full time for the series or Flying Lizard Motorsports.

Your motto: An extremely great racecar driver once said, "You're here for a good time, not a long time" Colin McRae

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