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Fan Profile

We are featuring a different fan every few weeks on our Fan Profile.

Name: Jonathan Presby

Occupation: Transportation Supervisor

Hometown: Gilroy

How did you first meet/hear about the Lizards? I've been a fan since I first saw that awesome paint scheme. When those cars go past, you know immediately it's not just a Porsche; It's a Flying Lizard Porsche

Laguna Seca 2008
Your favorite Lizard driver of all time? Seth Neiman (for starting Flying Lizards)

Most memorable Lizard race? The last lap, the last corner, on the last race of the 2009 season..... No way was that Corvette going to take first! That was great racing.

Favorite racetrack? Laguna Seca

When you're not racing or watching racing, you like to: I stay up late to watch "The Late Show With David Letterman", I collect comic books, and I'm learning to play guitar.

Your motto: "Do or do not....there is no try"

Anything else you'd like to add? I have been going to various races at Laguna Seca since my Brother in-law was working there in the 80's. And I've attended every ALMS race since 1998. I also volunteer at Laguna Seca, working my second season there. It's an awesome place to get behind the scenes and watch how the teams prep for the races.

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