Key Factors at Mid-Ohio Team Perspective
  • High speed track
  • Mix of left and right turns: Balanced setup
  • High temperatures and humidity
  • Shared race with IRL
  • Fuel mileage: 2 fuel stop race
Craig Watkins, Chief Engineer
"Mid-Ohio is a very different course than Lime Rock. At Lime Rock we had an asymmetric setup; at Mid-Ohio there's a mix of left and right turns, and several slow turns that lead to long straightaways. So you need an extremely balanced setup that will get you by for both the right and left turns and the slow corners and fast straightaways."

"It looks like it will be very hot and fairly humid this weekend -- the heat wil affect our tire plan. We'll have to wait and see how the tires perform in this environment before we can finalize what our tire plan will be for the race. We have a bit more practice time here than at Lime Rock -- an extra day on Thursday -- so that will definitely be helpful in setup."

Joerg Bergmeister, Driver of the No. 45 Porsche
"Mid-Ohio is a great course -- fast and fun to drive. It won't be as busy as Lime Rock was but we'll still have to be careful in traffic here: there are some corners where it's easy to have a misunderstanding with the faster prototypes."

"In general, I think the track tends to give the car a little understeer. So we'll need to have a good balanced car here so we don't overstress the front tires for the race distance. Hopefully we'll have a fast car here and some good luck to get us to the podium again."

Eric Ingraham, Team Manager and Strategist, No. 46 Porsche
"This is a back to back race weekend so we had very little time for the crew to rest and to get the cars turned around for this event. This is a shared weekend with IRL which makes things busier. It's the midpoint of the season -- race 6 of 11. In terms of strategy, one important difference is that fuel mileage here is poor because there's lots of full throttle time on the track, so we'll have to figure that into our strategy -- it's certainly a 2-stop race for us in terms of fuel."