Key Factors at Mosport Team Perspective
  • 2-hour, 45 minute race
  • Push for the championship
  • Traffic management
  • Bumpy, abrasive track
  • Fast course
Thomas Blam, Chief Strategist
"We are back to our standard 2 hour and 45 minute race. It should be a two-stop race if all goes as planned. For as fast and as challenging a track as Mosport is, we usually see few cautions here. But at our last race at Road America there were more cautions than we'd ever seen at that track -- hopefully this is not a trend! I expect Sunday's race to be an exciting one - everyone is pushing hard for the championship and with high level of competition in the prototype classes, managing traffic is going to be an issue."

Eric Ingraham, Team Manager and Strategist, No. 46 Porsche
"The result at Road America was a positive gain for us in the championship battle. We need to keep pushing hard here in order to maintain that lead. We tested here this week and have a small head start but there's still a lot left to learn about the track, we aren't at a magic race setup yet. We should see the GT2 field close up a bit here - there were a few small technical rule changes that should will help the non-Porsche and non-Ferrari GT2 cars be more competitive. Mosport is the first of an important two-race swing. We go directly to Detroit after here so I hope we have a clean race, otherwise we'll have to really hustle to get ready for Detroit."

Stefan Pfeiffer, Engineer, No. 45 Porsche
"The track is fairly abrasive and very bumpy, so tire management here will be a top issue. In terms of setup, it's not that different from Road America. It is a very fast track, with a long straightaway at the back- it's one of the few places you can overtake. We have some very fast turns here too - especially Turn 4. Our setup has to be stable enough and have enough aero to get safely through the fast turns, without compromising the speed we need for the straights."

Patrick Pilet, driver No. 46 Porsche
"Mosport is a very difficult track. It is fast and takes some time to learn. I was able to get some track time this week during our test, which was very helpful. It's a lot of fun to drive but it's tough to be confident here because of the high speed turns - many of which are fifth and fourth gear turns - and the complexity. In the No. 46, Johannes and I need to have a good race here. I think we have proven that we are a solid team and if we show the same consistency here and have some good luck, we could do well."